Vision:  Aftercare for trafficked and sexually exploited survivors

Mission:  Provide a residential healing experience for women to pursue their dreams

We believe that every woman matters - that each woman should have the means and the resources to pursue the dreams they've had since they were little girls. We believe that these women need honest hope and honest love to be restored and redeemed. We believe that each woman deserves to walk without their past defining their future. We believe that women can walk free, stepping out of the chains that have bound them for so long. We believe in women.

Our Values


Refuge for Women provides long term safe housing. The locations of the homes are unpublished, providing the opportunity for residents to be free of fear. Each resident is accepted, loved and given a pathway to a better life.



A structured program is in place for daily progress towards residents' desired goals.  Residents can reside within Refuge for Women for a maximum of 12 months.  Licensed and loving personnel assist residents each day on their path of wholistic healing as they are equipped with life and job skills for a successful future.



Refuge for Women is committed to quality programming and creating more space across the United States for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation to have long term care.  Current sites will continue to be strengthened and new sites will be opened.  



Refuge for Women is a Christ-centered organization.  Opportunities for spiritual growth occur each day.  We welcome residents into our program regardless of their personal beliefs.