Central Kentucky Welcomes New City Director, Rayann White!

Rayann White CKY CD.JPG

Refuge for Women is pleased to announce and introduce Rayann White as Central Kentucky’s newest City Director. In this role Rayann will be cultivating relationships among area churches, local businesses, and individuals of Kentucky. The aim behind what she does is to raise awareness to the mission that Refuge for Women sets out to do.  She then invites others to be involved in the transformation that takes place in our safe-homes ensuring that those who have escaped trafficking and sexual exploitation can find refuge. Rayann is vital in creating long-lasting partnerships in prayer and finances to ensure that Refuge for Woman is able to provide the resources needed for those in our care to flourish.

In getting to know Rayann the common theme of her heart throughout her life has always been her great care for women. Rayann was surrounded by amazing pillars of faith and life growing up. She saw women who fought for what was right, carried courage, held resiliency and captured beauty through the way they lived their lives. Chords were struck in Rayann’s heart when she saw brokenness among women that was not met with compassion and understanding. She knew there was a better way, this led her to pioneer a women’s ministry within her church called Tapestry. Tapestry sought to weave the hearts of women, bringing connection and finding likeness that tore down the walls of division which would make a way for women to embrace one another. Rayann knew that women were better together when they were encouraged and built up to live the life that God had intended.

Throughout Rayann’s career she has always cared about making sure needs were met. She has experience in the field through her work with Salvation Army as the Development Director, The Lexington Herald-Leader with experience in Retention with Marketing and Sales, as well as her work with the Christian Appalachian Project in Public Relations. Rayann is absolutely humbled by the way that God has opened the door for her passion for women as well as her skills for fundraising and retaining donors have come to collide in this season. Rayann is excited to raise visibility of the mission and extend opportunities for those in the community to bless women whose hearts are mending so that they too can be encouraged and built up to live the life that God has intended for them.  

Our "Small Army"

Refuge for Women Las Vegas


On February 23rd, Refuge for Women Las Vegas celebrated their volunteers, staff, Board of Directors and teams at their 3rd Annual Refuge for Women Celebration Banquet. Special music by Elyse Branch and Pastor J Teddy Johnson, as well as a life story by a recent Las Vegas graduate rounded out the evening of food, fun and fellowship.  Karen Diers, City Director of the Las Vegas chapter has always professed that it’s the servant hearts of this small army that makes this organization strong and able to fulfill the overall mission and goals of Refuge for Women — and that is to provide a safe house of aftercare and healing for sexually exploited women and survivors of human trafficking. To God be the glory for the great things He has done!


What is the Connection Between a Broken Stove and a Fundraiser?

Refuge for Women Chicago

Refuge for Women Chicago just enjoyed a fabulous fund and friend raiser.  It was a wonderful evening; and like any charitable organization who depends on the generosity of God through regular people, we were blessed to receive donations that will help keep us doing HIS restorative work.  


The thing is though, after we count up all the donations and give thanks to God, the tendency for me is to want to save it all for a future time when we might really need it.  I am afraid to spend it.  In all human honesty, it is hard for me to trust God for HIS provision, HIS manna, every day.   But in all Kingdom reality, HE provides the right amount at the right time so that we can do the work HE has called us to do…HE doesn’t provide so that we can build a big bank account, HE calls us to use what HE provides when HE provides it.  


So…what is the connection between a broken stove and a fundraiser…FAITH.  The very next day after our fundraiser, the stove at the Refuge house broke.  My first thought was “how are we gonna pay for that” and then my next thought was “thank you LORD for the monies you provided last night, so that we can pay for that”.    This just one example of the faith lessons that all our Refuge houses and you and I experience day after day…broken stoves, flat tires, doctor bills…the stuff of life that deepens our faith in a God who provides for us before we even know we have a need.