An Outsider Brought Into New Light

This blog post was written by one of the volunteers at our newest Refuge for Women house in Central Kentucky.

During the past 7 days I have gotten to meet and spend time with three incredible women.  They are so humble and their new love and desire for the LORD is contagious.  We listened to their new Christian radio station and talked about the things we like to do.

It was during my second visit that I found out some information about one of the girls that completely threw me in to left field. It made my heart drop to my stomach and I found myself just wanting to hold this young woman.  While she was talking to me I couldn’t help but think about the story in Luke where the woman who the Pharisees had outcast as a sinner washes Jesus’ feet with her tears and dries them with her hair, then anoints them with her expensive perfume.  (Luke 7:36-50)  I thought about how GOD does this everyday with his Amazing Grace, he cleanses us of our past, whether we are forced in to a life of sin and stolen innocence or by choice. 

While I was driving home I was reminded of my blessings.  I thought about these women as young children and emotions flooded my body and I wept tears of sadness for their experienced pain and unimaginable acts of the devil.  That evening I found myself googling child prostitution, human trafficking and brothels to gain a greater knowledge about the lives that some of these women may have had to lead against their will.  My heart felt like it was being stabbed with a sharp knife every time I read a new article on the subjects.  I prayed over and over again for the people who are hurting those women and children.  I prayed for the women and children that GOD take them away from a life of pain.  The statistics I learned while researching were of complete disgust.  I read how Human Trafficking was on the rise because of the large sum of money that you can receive for selling women and children.  Then I began asking myself unanswered questions like, “How can you be happy knowing that you have done something this horrific?  Don’t you have a conscience? This is someone’s child, mother, sister and friend.”

My appreciation for this ministry and love for these women have grown tremendously in just two visits.  I am nowhere near a level of understanding of what each girl’s story is nor does that matter to me, for what I do know is that I have enough love to give each of my new found sisters in CHRIST, something that they missed out on for so long.  I have developed a shield of protection for each girl that would  take an army to overcome and I have learned by looking through the ashes you will see the beauty.