Lessons from the Accident

Today's post is written by one of our current guests who was involved in the June 26th accident. She was badly injured, however she is recovering well and making excellent progress.

Since the car accident, my world has been upside down with so many thoughts, such as, “Why me God? Am I being punished? What am I supposed to learn…”

I have come up with three main answers:

1.     I am loved. Until now, I did not realize how much I am truly loved and cared for. The continuous visits in the ICU from the Refuge for Women staff members, the lovely interns, prayer warriors, strangers, family from far away states, to friends close by, little children’s sweet Get-Well cards, and care packages with love notes to bring a smile. All of their genuine care and support is what brought me to tears for the first time since arriving in Kentucky.

Before coming here, I felt like I had been pouring so much of myself into others, that through this, God told me it was time that I be still, and allow Him to pour that love back in to me.

2.     I am a warrior, not just a survivor. Having survived through several other near death experiences, I must be here for a reason! Therefore, I choose to surrender to His will now and forever, not my will.

3.     Life is precious. I will honor each day in His namesake. From the minor little things to the most grand!

I am eternally grateful for everyone; from holding my hand, beautifying me by lip glossing me up, nail painting, and French braids, a warm fuzzy blanket, special Get-Well cards, flowers, and my favorite, a cuddly teddy bear. The support and selflessness, from those once I’ve left the hospital, has made an incredible impact on not only my healing today, but for the rest of my life. You are my heros and may God bless you ten fold and more. I love you!