Run for a Reason Runner Profile - Amber Blaisdell

Amber Blaisdell

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Competition is my passion. Training for the ultimate competition is a different mindset. When I decided to compete in the 2014 Ironman in Louisville, I wasn't aware of the commitment I'd have to make. Without knowing the physical and mental toll I would have to endure, I knew that if I put my heart and soul into this I would succeed. Comments such as "You're just a girl" and "You'll never find time to train" motivated me even more.

Being the woman I am, these criticisms inspired me to prove my doubters wrong. I also wanted to show other women that if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish whatever you want. I am not only doing this for myself, but for the benefits of Refuge for Women.

Don't get me wrong. I've had my setbacks. Two years ago I broke my leg. Friends and family begged me to sit around, relax, and heal. I knew if I did that, I'd be miserable. I was determined a metal plate and seven screws holding my fibula together was not going to stop me from completing my dreams. This gave me time to realize how much I loved the triathlon sport and made the fire inside me grow even more. A year after breaking my leg. I finished the Miami Half Ironman Triathlon

Lots of women go through bigger challenges in life than competing in an Ironman. Drugs, prostitution, abuse are some of the battles women face everyday in America. Focus, dedication and empowerment can help change those challenges women face. I hope that my commitment to the Ironman, one of the most physically and mentally grueling competitions’ there is, shows women that any dream can be accomplished if you become dedicated to it.