Summer of Salads

Andrea Thiemkey

We recently received the following update from one of our Team Refuge runners, Andrea Thiemkey. We were overwhelmed by both her creativity and her generosity!

I wanted to take a minute today to tell you what has been happening in my world this summer regarding Run for a Reason.

Besides the many miles miles I have logged and the seemingly never ending sore muscles, I have been busy raising a team of support as well.

salad 1

After I sent out a round of fundraising letters to close friends and family, I felt myself wanting to come up with a way to raise awareness of Refuge's purpose and placement right here in our community within the circle of friends and acquaintances with whom I interact every day. I didn't want to pass out fundraising letters to co-workers but also wanted there to be an opportunity for them to be a part of my team. So...after prayer and some even stranger ideas, I thought of a plan to sell salads once a week throughout the summer and use the profit as a donation to Refuge. I find a lot of gratification in using my hands to make food for people. No one tells you in Sunday school that chopping tomatoes can be a holy moment, but I find that to be absolutely true for me. I thought, "I can use my feet to run and my hands to cook", and out of thankfulness for the freedom and strengths my body has, I want to use my gifts to give to something greater.

So I made some salads.

salad 2

Eight weeks later, there have been 44 people involved throughout the summer and $820 collected! I am so excited to write this check and send it your way! What a blessing to share a message of hope through Refuge's work with an even greater circle of people, and how fun that the sharing is happening over good food!