The following post was written by one of our current residents.

On September 18, 2015 I shared my testimony with a group of women. Not only was it my first time sharing it to people other than the Refuge community, but I was led by the Holy Spirit. I had planned on reading my 5 minute testimony, but by the time I was up to speak, it was way too dark to be read by the campfire. That told me that God wanted me to read from my heart. And believe it or not, I wasn't nervous or ashamed to allow these women to get to know all of me. From the nitty gritty to the bright and shining light I share today. After I was done, we were getting ready to leave and a few women stopped me and told me what a inspiration I was to them. But, one told me that I lived her exact life and that she almost didn't come, but that she needed to hear that life is possible. No matter what, that if a girl like her or I could prevail through a tough situation, anyone could. Although that was just the first of many experiences like that, It was definitely a memory I will cherish forever. And possibly my purpose in life to help women know that life is p o s s i b l e. That they are p o s s i b l e and that my bad situation could help more people than I could ever fathom. After all, you can't see the rainbow unless you go through the thunderstorm.