Heartache to Humbleness

The following was written by our Phase 1 Program Director, Jewellan Morrison.

It was nine months on the 26th...the day of the tragic accident that not only took the life of Angela, our precious resident in the Refuge program, but the lives of the family in the other vehicle involved.  Three other women (a former intern and two other residents) were critically injured in the accident and miraculously made it through and are continuing to heal.

The tragedy, as hard as it was, allowed the ministry to go through some inner reflecting. We learn to adapt and change, and even find the beauty in God turning HEARTACHE TO HUMBLENESS.  

In these past eight months since the accident, God has shown us at Refuge For Women the power of His love.  He has been literally morphing the ministry by creating unity.  Our 14th resident recently graduated the program. We have witnessed residents giving their lives to Jesus and getting baptized. Refuge for Women also recently received its 100th resident and more applicants into the program are being received.  All three phases of the program are running.  New homes are in the process of being opened in Chicago, Las Vegas, and South Florida.

God has shown us to be vessels to help turn ashes to beauty.  Not only is this transformation taking place within the lives of our residents, but beauty is happening as well within the lives of our staff and volunteers.  The family of our beloved Angela has also been transformed as they witnessed how the ministry loved and honored her. It is a privilege to be a part of God’s healing plan for our residents. The tragedy allowed the ministry to gain a different perspective with humbleness and how we serve our residents. Love has been the driving force of this ministry.  We see lives flourishing because of the unconditional love that flows from the first day one steps into the program. One day of receiving this kind of love is enough to change lives forever.