The First Time I Saw a Playboy Magazine

The following post was written by our Founder & Executive Director, Ked Frank. This is part of a series of blog posts about our new student curriculum, rewire, that is launching this summer.

I was at a school lock-in when I was in the sixth grade and a kid brought a duffle bag full of playboy magazines.  I will never forget the mix of emotions that I was experiencing as I thumbed through those magazines.  There was excitement mixed with fear at that moment.  A realization that these magazines needed to remain secret and if my friend was caught with them he would be in big trouble.  However, as sixth grade boys in a locker room, it was a night that wouldn’t be easily forgotten and a new curiosity began.  

How does a sixth grade boy process an experience of this nature?  Puberty is happening and a group of friends exist that are saying it is fun and natural.  However, a feeling down deep is also present that you know it is wrong and not pleasing to God.  It was a tension for me that made me believe that God was angry.  The shame from the experience kept me from telling anyone.   

This experience might be the reason that I am excited about our curriculum, rewire, that is becoming available in June.  The sooner that students can deal with areas of sexuality they are facing, the better the chance of it not leading to dysfunction in their lives.  Students are having sexual experiences and they need avenues to process these experiences.  Unfortunately, many students are sitting in schools and churches that have been sexually abused.  They haven’t felt comfortable telling anyone.  Stats tell us that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will experience sexual abuse.  Research shows that abuse that is not dealt with leads to high rates of addiction, suicide, and dangerous relationship choices.  Students have access to iPhones that can access sexually explicit material in less than 10 seconds.  The average age of first exposure to online porn is 12 years old.  Students are connecting with people online that make them vulnerable to destructive situations.  Rewire will address topics that are challenging to initiate, but hopefully will make it safe to dialogue about.  It is filled with relevant teaching and real life stories.  

We all have to work together to keep students in our communities safe.  Silence about challenging issues doesn’t make them go away.  This tool will help unlock conversation that could save some kids lives.

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