Spoken Word from a Guest

The following is a spoken word piece written by one of our guests.

Life is a gift not to be misused or abused.

Some choose to die and choose to refuse living.

God’s love life lesson is giving,

Us breathe constantly putting us to the test before putting

Us to rest so we must stay strong having faith

Always doing our best

Introduction to destruction

seemed to be my only option

While laying in my prison cell

a human trafficking detective drops in

Dope was my hope playing tug-o-war with my life as the rope

But Refuge for Women gave me my faith back 

And hope being given solutions on hope to cope

Multiplication destroyed my 

Salvation replacing it with temptations of sexual 

Situations increasing

My addictions with stipulations,

Regulations, hesitations of

A physical domestic 


That I searched for in the 

Wrong places. 

Incarcerated, fighting several 


Feeling constricted like teeth with braces.

My mind started playing tricks on me as I crossed the

Threshold of safety with in the Refuge 

I will no longer refuse breath

I’m ready

Time to put my past to 


Constitution and restitution has been paid for me through

Jesus Christ now that I’m becoming reborn and I can finally see the light, and stand

Putting up a good fight, never loosing sight of his strength and might, alright