Glorify Humanity

Today's blog post is about Refuge for Women graduate, Shantell, and her apparel and accessory business.


Glorify Humanity is more than a company creating an apparel line of t-shirts and fashion accessories.  Founder and President of Glorify Humanity, LLC, Shantell Vake’ visions her business to be a bridge connecting fashion and a worthy cause.  Being a victim and survivor of exploitation and abuse, she can relate to the women whom Glorify Humanity endeavors to reach out and make an impact in their lives.  Shantell wants to give back and influence others by sharing her inspiring story of hope, even if it takes impacting one woman at a time. 

Part of the company’s mission is to create a t-shirt line that will spread the message of joy, hope, and peace with creative designs of talented artists from Kentucky and around the United States. Glorify Humanity aspires to partner with individuals planted in the mission fields around the globe that are passionate in helping women who are poverty-stricken, abused, and exploited. Part of Glorify Humanity’s mission is to support and empower women (as well as, the youth) from diverse cultural backgrounds to pursuit their dreams.

Glorify Humanity plan to travel to the different countries of their partner ministries, build relationships, perform extensive research of the local markets, and to establish an action plan for the company on how they can better help the women learn new life skills that will help them become self-sufficient.

Lastly, Glorify Humanity’s goal in a few years is to include coffee and tea into their business that will promote fair trade and create a diverse product line.  The vision for the company as it grows is to offer eco-friendly, sustainable fashion from around the world.  Glorify Humanity would like to promote fair trade and help in improving the lives of the people they will support through their business by buying local as possible and teach them to make clothes, jewelry, and other accessories last and with good in mind.

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