Mary Kay Cosmetics


Today's blog post is written by Refuge for Women Founder and President, Ked Frank.

I have joked with people in the past about keywords that will get me to return a phone call quickly.  These phrases could include things like there is a crisis at one of the houses, to a young lady calling and saying she wants to enter our program, and many others. However, on this particular day it was an individual saying they wanted to make a donation and I needed to call them back ASAP. "Donation" happens to be one of those keywords and they got a call within the hour.  

The donation was going to be unlike one that we had ever received before.  He explained that his mother in law was involved with Mary Kay most of her life. She moved up the ranks and was in an elite level of the company.  Unfortunately she passed away and as they were going through items they came across a large supply of makeup they wanted to donate.  When they said the amount totaled $17,000, I was a bit overwhelmed at the idea of trying to store or use that much makeup within the organization. However we agreed to accept the donation and boxes were unloaded at the office a few days later. 

Since Refuge for Women opened there has been a neat relationship with local Mary Kay representatives.  Individuals have come out to the houses and spent time with our residents helping them feel beautiful and loving on them with their time and passion.  One individual in the area even decided to help put on an event to reach inner city little girls in partnership with Refuge for Women with a message about their worth and potential.  It has been a really wonderful relationship.  

What would we do with this generous donation that came to us? The idea came to us and we shared it with the family and it seemed like the right way to maximize this donation.  There are outreaches across the country that go into clubs and brothels with gifts, food, and lots of love. These groups partner with Refuge for Women and help locate individuals that need long term recovery.  The decision was made to send the makeup to different cities around the country and let these outreach groups present it to women they are building relationships with.  When the family heard of this idea they commented on how proud their mother would be of playing a part in helping reach more women with the good news of Jesus Christ.  

Outreaches across the country said they would love to receive part of that donation for clubs in their city. A group in South Africa and one in Romania said they would love to have some of the makeup for women they are reaching out to. I said we would mail it, until i found out what international shipping rates are. :)

The Boxes were divided up and sent out about 5 weeks ago. This week we got word the gifts were given and the ladies were thrilled about the gifts.  I love to see organizations partnering together to make a difference in the life of one woman!