Rewire Student Curriculum


What if there was so much education on human trafficking happening in Kentucky that it was labeled the safest state in American for high school students? A label of that kind would be one we would wear proudly. The goal of Refuge for Women is to educate 30,000 high school students on the dangers of human trafficking and other topics like pornography, sexual abuse and social media through a series called Rewire. We hope to accomplish this goal by the end of 2016.

Lexington Christian Academy just finished the 4 part series and the feedback was priceless.  Students gave comments that reflected the impact it had on their lives and their passion for other students to learn the same truth.  Over 25 students made commitments to host a Rewire viewing party with at least 10 friends over the next few months.  

One of the students that has been impacted by Rewire is a Junior at West Jessamine High School named Meredith Crockett.  Meredith shared in front of the LCA High School about her passion for students to be open about their struggles and find victory over these issues.  Meredith is working on getting Rewire into West Jessamine High School and has already hosted a Rewire house party and had her church watch all 4 videos.  She was featured in a news story on WKYT this week about students embracing the need to be educated about human trafficking.  

If your church or school would be interested in learning more about Rewire please contact us and we would love to help educate your students on these critical topics.  Check out our promo video below and learn more about Rewire at