The nature of our work and ministry at Refuge for Women often puts us on ours knees, desperate for God to help us do the impossible. From pursuing big dreams, to taking back what the enemy has stolen, we find ourselves in constant need. And in that need, we find God’s provision.

In the above video, Ked Frank, our Founder and National Director, tells a story from RFW’s beginning years, when God delivered in a time of great need, and a time when our bank account almost dried up.

“God is aware of what your needs are.”  - Ked Frank

It can be difficult to wait for God to deliver us from our needs. It can be hard to trust He will be on-time and to-the-penny. It can be a challenge to not panic and close up shop early, in attempt to spare ourselves from the embarrassment of failing. Though it may be a nail-biter, endurance through times of need is how God is able to show us that He is father and provider.

Though Ked’s story is old, it is a resounding theme throughout our ministry as we expand and develop. This very day, we celebrate one of our Kentucky safe-homes re-opening.

Last week, the house director sent out an email to staff begging for help. Between shopping, cleaning out the house, renovations, painting, sorting, and setting everything up… There was no possible way for the staff to finish before the residents arrived. It is safe to say everyone felt on edge, had God forgotten how much was left to do? Had he neglected to bring it to our attention?

Sunday I curved around the bend in the country road and pulled into the long, gravel driveway. I arrived to a house lined with piles of old furniture trashed on the road-side. I parked among many unfamiliar cars. I walked through a red door, with its first coat of paint being applied. I ducked under a ladder and weaved my way through 15 or so volunteers to find the director. “Kendra, did you know all these people were coming today?” I asked, when I found her assigning various tasks and crossing each one off from her long list. “No, I had no idea.” she replied with wide eyes.

Today, we opened a house that is unrecognizable, and we opened on-time. Our staff welcomed a group of residents into our perfectly renovated and prepared home. Praise God for his provisions.

“He is never early, He is never late.” - Ked Frank

"God can surely surprise us”, says a volunteer from our Texas location. “Even when we think our faith is strong, and we feel bold enough to pray big things, He can still amaze us in His answers.”

She continues to tell the story, “On July 28, 2015, a core group of people met at 7 pm for coffee and to dream about and begin the journey of starting Refuge for Women North Texas. That night, we had a courageous prayer: God, give us a home for these women that we serve, that we might begin the work of healing and transforming the broken-hearted and oppressed women of the sex trade. The prayer wasn’t filled with a lot of details or specifics, just a simple—but BIG—prayer. On July 28, 2016, at 7pm, that core group, plus many others, sat in the new home of Refuge for Women North Texas astonished.”

Board President Abby Germer said of the night, “When I put two and two together that exactly one year later we were in the living room of the house that we hoped and prayed for, I was speechless. Sometimes things happen in life that ONLY GOD can orchestrate. Those moments when you think—‘you just can’t make this stuff up,’—those then become the faith building milestones that help us recognize God is truly in this whole process.”

“One thing this reminds us of,” explains our Texan volunteer, “as we stand humbled by God’s work, is that He has been at work in the issue of sexual slavery long before any of us decided to give our lives to this work. This is not one year in the life of a ministry; this is one thread in a huge tapestry that God has been weaving for years.”