Be Moved Part 2

“Sometimes, my life feels like a circle. A never ending, ongoing circle.”

The story continues. A little girl who has experienced so much trauma, and no consistency.

A little girl who has so much anger, and no healing.

“And I don’t know how to stop it. Or change it. Or break it.”

This is where it begins, for runaways, for addicts, for the hopeless, and depressed.

This is where it begins for the vulnerable, for the trafficked and exploited.

“Maybe I can write my own story. Start from scratch. Forget all my past.”

Trauma. Strife. Pain. Sadness. Hopelessness.

It’s what entraps us, what makes it too hard to get out.

“When I finally come close, it starts all over again.”

But Zoey fixes her eyes on her brother. Her future. Her hope.

And these words get her through,

“But remember what happens tomorrow…”

Remember what is possible.

Remember what you’re fighting for,

or who you’re fighting for.

Remember what healing brings.

What tomorrow holds.

“No one can tell me who I will be. … You have the choice; Where to go next?

We are stars. … Burning into the chaos. … When the winds whip around us, no one stays with us, and everything we know is taken away. But one day. One day, we will shine.”

Be moved to believe in healing, and in full recovery.

Be moved to believe in hope, and your future.

Be moved to make it to tomorrow, and one day, there will be sunshine.