Making a Safe Transition

It’s so important for women in dangerous and addictive environments to be quickly ushered into a safe place and recovery.  But this can be difficult for moms with children.  It’s not easy to find the child somewhere to live that is safe and healthy, especially under extreme pressure to make it happen fast.

Friends, we have great news.  We are partnering with Safe Families.

Safe Families is an organization that utilizes local families to serve kids on a temporary basis.  You can learn more about their organization at

More survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation will be able to receive much needed services quickly and without fearing for the wellbeing of their children.  This partnership will let both moms and kids find refuge; allowing mom the time to consider the best long-term living situation for her children, whether with a family member or a foster family.

Over 50% of our residents are mothers.  They’re moms who either have custody of their kids or are hoping to be reunited with them upon completion of the program.  We are excited for this new resource, partnership and safety network.

Ked Frank, President & Founder Refuge for Women