Be Moved

“Sometimes someone hurts you so much, it stops hurting at all.”

The short film by Nathanael Matanick opens in a home of domestic abuse and disorder. A young girl is seen caring for her brother, trying to make order out of total disfunction. Trying to make family out of divide. Trying to make life out of devastation.

“I am unseen, unheard, unwanted. That is what I am, if even I am anything.”

The film shines light into the hidden and tragic backgrounds of fostered children. These children are often misunderstood, because their story is unseen, and unheard.  

”My world turned upside down, and order disappeared.”

This story touches our hearts and reaches down into our core, here at Refuge for Women. We understand that trauma from sexual trafficking and exploitation is not the only barrier standing in the way of recovery. No, their stories run far too deep.

“Deeper and deeper I fell within myself, and nothing could draw me out.”

How did trafficked women become so vulnerable in the first place?

Could it have been a story similar to this one?

When victims were little girls, did they experience a traumatic upbringing, early childhood abuse, generations of addictions, poverty, or mental illness? What causes young girls to run away, and to seek solace in numbing substances like drugs and alcohol? What causes them to become so vulnerable to traffickers? -- Stories like this.

“I’ve heard plenty of promises, and they all sound the same.”

Take a look at Removed (Part 1), and be moved. Be moved to seek understanding. Be moved to love people who have been so hurt and so displaced. Be moved to love people like Jesus, sacrificially and unconditionally.

“This... my past, my history, my story, is not my fault. It’s not because of me. And doesn’t have to be what defines my future. I am lovable. I am worthy of care. And that glimmer of light, it makes all the difference. The glimmers of light gives me hope, that someday, my summer will come.”

-- Writing about Removed Part 2, coming soon