Life After Refuge

Peer into life after Refuge. We paid a visit to our very first graduate, Jessica. She says, “If I could be really honest, I don’t think I would be living if I didn’t go to Refuge.”

“Before, I was just doing enough to get by.

My life is just different now.

I know my value.

God has really changed me and blessed me. I have a good life.”

As we join Jessica taking care of her daughter and cook a healthy dinner, she tells us how different her life is now. Before the program she was struggling and on food stamps. Now she has a job she loves with a new home, car, 401k, and life insurance. “It’s pretty cool to pay my bills, and to have the bills be okay, and the kids are okay.”, she smiles.

In addition to the video, we asked her:

What do you want to say to incoming residents, or even to anyone who is struggling through something? How do you get to victory?

"Sometimes you have to take chances and get away from your old ways and other people to make your life better. It's gonna’ be scary, but take that chance. Take whatever it is that will make your life better. Even leaving.

The cherry on the top was my mentor. She keeps me accountable. I try to keep myself around wise people. It's important to find someone who listens and cares."

We love our residents and are so proud of their recovery!