Dream Big 2017

April 29th marked our first Dream Big event, a mother/daughter gathering brought forth to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams. With 250 women and young ladies in attendance we dined, shared stories and laughter, and left feeling inspired. Here’s a re-cap:


Keynote speaker, Shirley Mitchell, inspired young girls with her own personal tales, and those from the bible.

“During your teenage years you are making so many decisions that chart the course to your life. These are the years that set the foundation for where you will be. And making decisions is hard, even the decision between saving the world and just eating Doritos!”, she laughed, then paused to open her bible. “Joseph was known as the dreamer, and the one who interprets dreams. His brothers hated him because of his dreams. He was 17 years old and his dreams were centered around leadership, and the brothers’ jealousy consumed them.”

“God has given you a dream. You’re gonna’ have to take it, guard it, and protect it against the obstacles that will come.”

Describing a victorious dreamer, Shirley said, “She does not sulk in self pity. She does not dwell in defeat. I want to encourage you to enjoy the process of discovering your dreams, to dream big. Go big, because your God is big. And no matter what happens, hold on to your dream, and do not get deterred.”

The event wrapped up with our participants addressing an envelope to themselves. Inside, they sealed a note. In a few months these women will receive an inspiring letter from themselves, to remind them to dream big and never, ever give up.

If you missed this year’s event we hope to see you next time! Until then, keep dreaming and check in for more inspiring stories! Thank you to our top sponsors, Prive Med Spa and Beaumont Family Dentistry, for making this possible!