The Best Summer Ever

For most of us, there’s only a month left of summer before school starts back. Also for most of us, we’re now racking our brains for how else to creatively entertain our children (aka remain sane and effectively keep them out of mayhem). So for all the grandparents, parents, camp counselors, and babysitters out there, this post is for you! Stay calm and Rhythm on.

This Summer Family Activity book was developed by the Village Church. There are 4 categories of activities, sure to give you options for all ages and places. Here’s the breakdown:

SET A RHYTHM.  These are activities your family can do repeatedly and consistently throughout the summer. Some of them will help you put things in place to establish a routine for your family. Others will help you think about ways to be missional—intentionally connecting with people in your community whom you interact with on a consistent basis.

AT HOME.  These activities can be easily done as you spend time at home. Many of them include a devotional at the end that will help your kids make a connection between what they have done and a truth from Scripture.

OUT AND ABOUT.  These activities can be done on outings you take as a family.

ON THE WAY.  These are activities that can be done as your family travels— whether you’re moving about by land, air or sea.

One of the first activities is a Summer Memory Jar (a Rhythm activity), which will be perfect to document all of your whacky adventures, like your family forts, July Christmas, and Neighborhood Water War (which your family totally dominated, of course)! The final act of the summer will be to empty the memory jar and remember all the good times. The cherry on top: each activity has a God-centered mission and teaching tip.

It may be late in the summer, but the book is set up to jump in at any time or season. And hey, it’s perfect timing for your Christmas in July party, especially if you’ve been craving cookies (*whispers* send us an invite).