New Project Underway at Refuge for Women

We are seven days away from announcing Refuge for Women’s newest initiative. This upcoming project will be unlike anything Refuge for Women has ever done before, and will meet a major need in our community and throughout the state of Kentucky. In preparation of this announcement we’re sharing a report done by the United States Department of Education. The report covers a wide array of human trafficking facing America’s youth and schools. A few highlights are listed below, along with a link to the full report.

This report strikes a serious chord within all of us at Refuge for Women. Since 2009 we’ve served women day in and day out. Through the countless victims we’ve served and heard from, it’s become clear how important it is to reach today’s youth to prevent tomorrow’s victims. We’ll see you next week for the official announcement!

“Risk Factors and Indicators: Runaway and homeless youths—male, female, and transgender—are at particularly high risk for becoming victims, though some trafficked youths continue living at home and attending school. There is also a strong correlation between sexually exploited youths and childhood sexual abuse, chronic maltreatment and neglect, and otherwise unstable home environments. Research findings estimate that between 33 and 90 percent of victims of commercial child sexual exploitation have experienced these types of abuses.


Possible risk factors associated with child trafficking include the following:

lack of personal safety


emotional distress



family dysfunction

substance abuse

mental illness

learning disabilities

developmental delay

childhood sexual abuse

promotion of sexual exploitation by family members or peers

lack of social support”