Freedom Sunday

In three weeks churches across the globe will cry out in agreement on Freedom Sunday. The event unites voices worldwide by celebrating those who God has already set free, and contending for those still in need of deliverance. Interested? Here’s the rundown:


Simply, it’s a global event for prayer.


The official Freedom Sunday is to be kicked off on September 24th, but churches can celebrate anytime.


You, your congregation, or however your community decides to come together. You don’t have to be a pastor to lead a Freedom Sunday initiative, volunteers are encouraged to jump in and facilitate!


You decide! Your church can recognize Freedom Sunday in your own style. The options are endless; you could host a prayer service, dedicate the entire sermon to the topic of Freedom, and even provide follow-up sessions for service opportunities or further education.

The Freedom Sunday initiative makes it easy for churches to participate because congregations are free to recognize the day in their own way. Engage Together has provided a host of resources, and we’ve included a cheat-sheet of what’s provided behind each link. Enjoy!

The International Justice Mission

(Providing an overview of what Freedom Sunday is, and countless resources for both pastors and volunteers to plan a Freedom Sunday for your community. The resources include promotional videos, sermons, educational materials, and hosting guides.)


Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking

(Evangelistic packets, for children too, and a Church Toolkit.)


The Nazarene Compassionate Ministries

(Prayer guides, worship planning guides, and lessons, including lessons for kids.)