I Feel Like I am Doing Something Worthwhile By Volunteering at Refuge for Women

Today's blog post is by Refuge for Women volunteer, Kim Brooking


I'm just an ordinary person. Christ follower, wife, mother, grandmother, sister...

But, God has put a desire in my heart to serve Him. I've done various things over the years, besides being a mom I haven't felt like I was doing anything really worthwhile. Until I started volunteering with The Refuge for Women. Some friends were very involved with Refuge, they brought it to the attention of our church group. We decided to go, once a month, and take lunch, visit with, and love on the ladies there. I never counted on falling in love with these precious women. God has put His supernatural love in my heart for them. 

A few months later He took my passion for cooking and feeding people to a new place. I realized that these women would need to know how to prepare healthy, inexpensive meals for themselves, and their children, when they finished the program. So, our group decided that we would teach them how. I asked them what they wanted to learn to make and we took the ingredients to the house and cooked together. Now they come to my house to cook, it's such a blessing to all involved.

One young woman and I hit it off, she's very young and needs people in her life to speak truth and love. She is now living in my guesthouse. It's not always easy, but nothing worthwhile is always easy. Sometimes we don't understand one another, but we are working it out. I love her dearly.

This Refuge is such a blessing, where hurting women can be safe, loved, get medical and emotional care.  I will be a part of it as long as they want me to be. It's a place to deal with your past and learn tools to start all over! Something so desperately needed. I am grateful and privileged to be a small part of this.