Intern Spotlight: Meaghan Starr

In today's blog post, we asked intern, Meaghan Starr, a few questions about her time here at Refuge for Women. For more information on our internship program, please click here.


1.      How did you hear about Refuge for Women?

I first heard about RFW through a few members at my church. Since I had just become very passionate about human trafficking prevention and awareness, I did some more research on the organization and realized that the work being done there was the type of work I wanted to eventually do. I immediately started following the organization’s impact on the community through social media.

2.      What interested you about interning here?

I feel like I am called to speak into the lives of other students, and be a voice. While society is teaching us one thing about self-worth, relationships, and love, I want to speak the truth. Many difficult situations could be prevented if we were to have real conversations with students, peers, and friends.

When I learned about the Prevention Program at RFW, I was all for it! Knowing that I could be doing what I feel called to do and more, had me interested in pursuing an internship. The ability to use my college work for Kingdom work made it even more of a desire.

3.      What has surprised you the most about interning here?

I am mostly surprised by the all the fantastic opportunities that are arising through this internship. I am realizing that I will come out of this with a variety of new skills, experiences, and knowledge that will carry me into my professional career. This internship is part of earning my public health degree, but it's also going to help me better impact my city and use my professional skills to be a light for Christ.

4.      What have you learned so far during your time?

So far, I have learned that RFW is a collective group of individuals who are ready and willing to work together.  Every team member has a different set of skills that they bring to the table. I have learned that working in a setting like this can look like a day in the office, a day of public speaking, a day doing prevention, and more. However, all the different tasks each person completes equates to helping women be free of exploitation and raises awareness. I am excited for the months to come, and the amount of knowledge I will gain from this internship.