Today's blog post is from our Refuge for Women North Texas team: 

We always trust in God’s provision! We have never doubted the fact that Refuge for Women needs to exists in North Texas. Women need a safe place to heal and recover from years of abuse and exploitation. God continues to confirm this for North Texas time and time again.  

Two weeks ago we saw God work in a MIGHTY way. One of our staff received an email from an NFL player who lives in the area. He expressed his heart in wanting to get involved and that he and his wife are committed to fighting against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We met with this man at a coffee shop and shared about Refuge for Women North Texas and about different ways he could get involved. He asked us our need and we shared that we are in need of an 8 passenger vehicle so that we can house more residents. Within just 5 hours of this meeting we were told that he and his family wanted to purchase a brand new suburban for our ministry. We were filled with emotion and gratitude to him and his wife, but even more so to a God that is always working on Refuge for Women North Texas’ behalf and letting us know that He is with us and hears our prayers.


Now just wait for what God did next! In the same day we went to check the mail. We opened a letter from a local church with a check enclosed. The check was for $40,000! Multiple staff had to double look at this check because we were all in such shock!  

We have a team of staff and volunteers that are always praying and planning on how to ensure we keep our doors open. This latest provision, the suburban and check, reminded us that God is working all the time. He is behind the scenes, every day and in every situation. He is helping us network. He is working on hearts. He is growing up an army here in North Texas that is willing and wanting to be apart of the solution. Praise God for His faithfulness and provision over the Refuge for Women North Texas ministry!