My Daughter is a Resident at Refuge...

The following is a letter we received from the mother of a Refuge for Women resident.


This Fourth of July has a whole new meaning to me - what freedom really means. My daughter lost her freedom right here in the United States, but this Fourth of July she has her freedom back.

For several years, she was a victim of sex trafficking. Never did I ever think as a mother I would have to go through this with my daughter. I never thought it could happen to my family, but it did.

My daughter was your typical teenager who graduated from high school, got a full-time job and even received employee of the month. She also got her own apartment and everything seemed to be going as planned. What I didn't know was, after a break up with her boyfriend, she was introduced to a group of people that accepted her with open arms and nurtured her with every need. They were grooming her by buying her nice clothes, shoes, jewelry and many visits to the salon for hair colors, manicures and pedicures...making her feel good. Little did my daughter know that over time this would end they would use violence to get her to repay them using her looks and body to make them money.

Thankfully, these traffickers are behind bars and my daughter has been rescued. She has good days, but bad days too. She has a lot of trauma to come off of her, but she is growing stronger every day and in her faith in Jesus Christ.

I am so very proud of her and all of the accomplishments that she is making. She is an amazing young woman! God Bless America!