Sexual Exploitation Awareness Q&A Event

Refuge for Women North Texas


As we are all aware, January was National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month, which means we stayed very busy! Our biggest “win” of January was hosting our first ever Sexual Exploitation Awareness Q&A event. We had an amazing panel put together that presented a diversified, broad, informational, and engaging discussion around the topic of sexual exploitation and trafficking in our communities.

On our panel we had Bill Haddon with Collin County Human Trafficking Task Force, Sarolyn Morgan with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Dennis Ozment- a private investigator, Executive Director for 4theONE, and Chair of C7 Human Trafficking Coalition, Carrie Gurley with Valiant Hearts- a frontline ministry in the Colleyville/Southlake area, and Christine Manos- our Program Director at Refuge for Women North Texas.

We were so encouraged by the turnout! Around 150 were in attendance. The North Texas community continues to show up and learn more about this issue in our communities and have a deep desire to get personally involved in combating it. We are so very grateful!