Mary Just Had A Breakthrough

refuge for women chicago


“Mary just had a breakthrough!”  

When I received that text from Nina, our program director, my soul jumped for joy.  Mary is a new resident, and like any new resident, establishing healthy new rhythms of life takes time:

  • time to learn one’s way around a new house

  • time to live with structure

  • time to laugh

  • time to achieve recovery milestones

  • time to face the impact of trauma

  • time to believe things can be different

Breakthroughs are often small, but they are cumulative and we celebrate each and every one with acknowledgement, encouragement and sometimes even gifts that our supporters donate for our residents.

One of our favorite celebration gift times is when a resident gets to look through our beautiful bin of brand new LuLaRoe leggings in acknowledgement of a breakthrough or milestone. Our residents are always touched by the kindness and generosity of people who believe in them and who provide such fun and lovely gifts.  We could not do this ministry without a diversity of support systems and partnerships and having celebration gifts from donors is just one simple, yet important piece of the restorative journey.