Purity Ceremony



The month of February was a very special month for Refuge for Women - North Texas... Graduations are obviously our favorite celebrations around here, but a very close second, if not tied for first, is whenever our residents tell us that they would like to dedicate themselves to Christ through a Purity Ceremony. There is something very special, intimate, and honorable about a Purity Ceremony.

This resident's family drove hours to surprise her and be here to support her on this important day in her journey towards freedom. She got to see her mother, sisters, niece, nephew, and little daughter for the first time months! Her family, fellow residents, staff, and volunteers all got to attend this ceremony and celebrate her dedication to Christ. It was a beautiful afternoon.During the ceremony, she wanted to share with everyone what purity meant to her. This is a snippet of what she shared that day:


"I am a survivor. I am strong. I am a mother. I am a child of God. I am a friend. I am family. I am a daughter... I was a thief, a liar, and a cheat, but now I am honest, loyal, and meek... I am a heroin addict in recovery, Jesus pulled me out of that hell, I am redeemed by his grace and mercy. I was called a junkie, a mess, a disgrace, now I am priceless, righteous by faith. People called me dirty, unclean, even worse I am sure. But today I am clean, washed white, I am pure".

Amen, amen, and amen! These are the moments that define why we do what we do.