What is the Connection Between a Broken Stove and a Fundraiser?

Refuge for Women Chicago

Refuge for Women Chicago just enjoyed a fabulous fund and friend raiser.  It was a wonderful evening; and like any charitable organization who depends on the generosity of God through regular people, we were blessed to receive donations that will help keep us doing HIS restorative work.  


The thing is though, after we count up all the donations and give thanks to God, the tendency for me is to want to save it all for a future time when we might really need it.  I am afraid to spend it.  In all human honesty, it is hard for me to trust God for HIS provision, HIS manna, every day.   But in all Kingdom reality, HE provides the right amount at the right time so that we can do the work HE has called us to do…HE doesn’t provide so that we can build a big bank account, HE calls us to use what HE provides when HE provides it.  


So…what is the connection between a broken stove and a fundraiser…FAITH.  The very next day after our fundraiser, the stove at the Refuge house broke.  My first thought was “how are we gonna pay for that” and then my next thought was “thank you LORD for the monies you provided last night, so that we can pay for that”.    This just one example of the faith lessons that all our Refuge houses and you and I experience day after day…broken stoves, flat tires, doctor bills…the stuff of life that deepens our faith in a God who provides for us before we even know we have a need.