My Sponsor

I was hesitant at first to start looking for a sponsor because I wanted to make sure it was the right person and the right time, but I was praying on it, and God made it very clear that a certain person was supposed to be my sponsor when she shared about herself, and it was so closely related to my story and my views on addiction.  So I finally asked her to by my sponsor, and she agreed.  But then a few days later I realized why God had led me to someone who is Alcoholics Anonymous focused instead of Narcotics Anonymous, even though my drug of choice is not alcohol. I have been trying to fool myself for the last year by saying that I can occasionally or recreationally drink as long as I don’t get high.  But the part I was leaving out was that alcohol is liquid dope; it is a chemical – a mood altering substance.  So God knew even when I didn’t that I need to start saying, “I’m Brittany and I’m an alcoholic.”  I was in denial about the fact that I’m allergic to alcohol – I break out in handcuffs and one night stands, as my sponsor would say.  I realized that my active addiction started with alcohol and ended with alcohol and it played a role in almost every one of my “using stories.”  I can’t fool myself any longer.  Alcohol is a drug and I won’t use it anymore!

-A Blessed Refuge Guest