This World's a Battle

Hold onto God’s strength for He gives us grace To pick ourselves up when we fall on our face

We serve a God of second chances

Reach our your hand, He’ll be there to catch us

Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord

Don’t remain in that pit no more

The Lord is with me every step of the way

For He knows everything I will say

My like felt like walls closing in

Living in conviction of all my sin

Wanted so desperately to be free

God gave me this struggle so I can believe

Don’t turn back, you got nothing to lose

Listen to God for He brings you good news

When you think there’s nothing left to do

Say a little prayer to see it come true

There’s nothing God can’t handle

Strive to do your best – this world’s a battle

This thing called faith ain’t nothing to play with

Surrender your heart it’s time to live

God gave His only Son

To give forgiveness for all we have done

When Satan’s trying to pull you down

Get yourself up off the ground

Want to play to fool no more

Tired of it being so hardcore

Living day to day in pain

The choices I make keep me from going insane

We are the new generation

Live for God He’ll be our destination

This world’s full of hope

It’s what you do with it when it’s time to cope

Trust and believe

Don’t be decieved


-Spoken Work from a Refuge Guest