Sobriety Birthday

We love to party at Refuge for Women.  Many of our residents have had so many challenges in their lives that if we can celebrate victories it will encourage them to continue moving forward.  Last night was one of those opportunities to celebrate a victory.  Christine Sheehy celebrated a one year sobriety birthday.  She was presented with a cake and we were able to applaud and let her know how proud we were of her.  She will be presented as well with a one year chip at a local Celebrate Recovery that is attended.  Christine called me the other day and said one year ago i was laying in a pool of blood after a domestic violence situation and stoned out of her mind.  She had attempted suicide on many occassions and wanted to get out of the hell that she found herself in.  She told me on the phone that for her to be where she is today is nothing short of a miracle.  We are so proud of Christine!!!!