Welcome to the Refuge for Women - A note from a current guest


Dear New Refuge Guest,

There have been many things in your life that have not been fair to you. The very people that were supposed to protect you are the ones who have hurt you the most, but don’t fear, God is going to bring some pretty amazing people into your life. Accept the love they provide to you because I promise they won’t hurt you.

Things will get pretty scary at times, but hold on to the light because you will preserve. Lean on God because he will be the ONE who will never leave you nor forsake you. Give the process a chance because it will be the best thing you’ve ever done. Allow yourself to feel the emotions because it will break the chains from your past.

The most important thing is DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! You are worth it and God has amazing plans for your life. Embrace the potential and stop fighting it. You are an amazing woman; don’t let Satan take that away from you!


A Current Refuge Guest

September 2013