Thoughts from a Refuge Guest - September 2013

“The sweetness of God’s Wisdom” In tough times I am so grateful for discernment, revelation, and confirmation from God.  I have found that tough decisions are only the beginning.  Afterwards comes the ugliness and hurt behind them.  Things that were buried are forcefully surfaced at times, and unexpected emotions must be faced and dealt with.  In these times God’s wisdom is what I am not grateful for.  Reassurance from Him of His will and who I am in Christ are the very things that carry me through.

Thanks to God and the whisper of the Holy Spirit!

“A Walk of Faith”

At times it’s hard to just have faith.  I continuously have to remind myself that God is bigger than any situations and that He knows best, even though flesh tells me (at times) that I know better!  In a place like The Refuge, trusting the process may be a struggle at times, but how beautiful it is when your open and free to let God work it out.  Looking back at my time here and seeing the way he works things out for the good and the impeccable timing of His will is one of my biggest motivators and my greatest reminder of how big He is!

Crystal - A grateful Refuge Guest - September 2013