Out Of Hiding _ Into the Light


The cry of my heart:

   Can you make me new?

Even with everything I have put myself through?

So much damage has been done,

My spirit of self-destruction seems to have won.

I don’t even recognize who I have become.

Can you undo all the broken years?

I've lost so much living in fear.

Can you find me again,

  And bring me back from where I’ve been?

I’ve forgotten who I am,

  And have settled for going through the motions

  Without any plans.

Mindless wandering has led me into darkness.

I can see your light in the distance…

  But I can’t feel its heart.

Bring me close to Your refining fire,

  I think that’s what I need.

Purify and refine me from who I’ve been,

  From all the roads I’ve taken leading to dead ends.

I’m lost but I want to be found;

Can you revive my bones from the ground?

God, please breathe new life into them and make me new.

Redeem all that I have been through.

Set me apart and make me clean,

I want to be free more than anything.

Bind my fear and break my chains,

I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Help me set my hope fully on You,

  Holding nothing back, so that I can be true.

Jesus, secure me in Your embrace,

  There are so many obstacles I have to face.

Rescue my heart and give it wings,

  I want to fly again, set free.

Open my eyes so that I can see

  Past my years of hiding

  To the person I used to be;

The one before they stole my identity.

God, I want to be made new

  Help me have faith that You will see me through.

No more hiding, no more shame,

  I want to see You face to face.

Please rescue me from myself,

I want to look like You and no one else.

Redeem me and set me free,

  So that I can become the person You created me to be.


 Written by Jennifer - A grateful Refuge Guest ~ October 2013