Hidden Treasure

treasure chest Have you ever had something so valuable that you’ve hidden it to keep it safe? Have you ever hidden something so well that even you couldn’t find it when you tried to look for it? I am facing this dilemma now. The only thing is, it’s not a material item I have hidden; it’s myself.

As a child I was confident and carefree. I was also overweight. Because of my appearance, I have been made fun of, rejected, and ridiculed throughout my life. My young confidence diminished and I began to hide. My heart was tired of being hurt and rejected, so I started hiding it to keep it safe.

The confident, carefree girl I used to be has become a quiet, timid woman afraid to be who she really is. I don’t KNOW who I really am. But I have taken refuge, and I am beginning to discover.

I am discovering that I am here for a reason, that I have a story and it is important, and that I MATTER. I am also discovering that my God can reach through 20 years of hiding to find me.

I believe that confident, carefree girl is still in there somewhere…and that God will help me find her.

Written by Jennifer - A grateful Refuge guest ~ October 2013