My journey with the Refuge for Women

Refuge picture  

In my time at the Refuge I have had many experiences with various women, learning about their individual journeys. Each and every one of them is special in their own way, and all are unforgettable to me. I have rejoiced with girls moving toward Him, and I continue to pray for those whose journey led them away from the farm.

With all the emotions that came along with seeing ladies come and go, I was understandably anxious and apprehensive when the number of guests shifted from four to nine. However, I was amazed as lady after lady walked through the doors. Our first devotion all together was one of the most real and transparent experiences in my seven months at the Refuge. The raw emotion and gratitude that each woman in the room expressed was moving and motivating. I never before experienced an entire household so actively pursuing their individual healing, as well as bonding on a level so deeply with one another. Each devotion, class, and share session since has been filled with tears. They are tears of joy and celebration for one another, as well as those of mourning loss with one another.

I can’t put into words the beauty and preciousness each one of the ladies hold in my heart. I have already, in such a short time, learned so much from each lady. I am so grateful for the work that God is doing with all of us individually, as well as a household. With my time of transition drawing nearer, it’s becoming increasingly more bittersweet. I can’t imagine day-to-day life without the hope and inspiration each person brings each day. I fully trust that theses bonds won’t be easily broken and that this family God is building now will last a lifetime. I am so excited for all of our journeys, for where God is leading us, and how He will use us to glorify His kingdom. I praise God for this wonderful group. I thank Him for bringing us together.

Written by Crystal - a grateful Refuge guest ~ October 2013