A HEART of Grattitude - A Refuge Guest

grattitudeI am grateful today for not only God speaking to me, but also for the ability to listen and appreciate Him revealing to me areas that need work. This past week has been a week of Revelation in so many ways. God has not only shown me areas of pride, ingratitude, dishonesty and fear that I have allowed to block me from Him and not shared with others due to shame… and again PRIDE! Normally a spirit of perfectionism would have caused me to feel inferior or defeated and to eventually run in fear, but God not only revealed to me these areas that need work but perfectly placed my ‘out’ and made it so easy to find. He has shown me people that He placed in my life to learn and gain guidance from in all these areas. He has restored relationships with my family and speaks to me through them in just the right way and at the right time. He has removed the veil from my eyes that I was exempt and He has made clear to me when He is speaking to me. He has built support systems in my life and made clear to me that they will be used in my life in mighty ways. He has given me insight and vision for His quick correctiveness, His grace, His mercy, for restoration in Him, revelation, hope and vision. His work in my life continues to amaze me day to day. How blessed am I, to be a child of the one true King!  Written by Crystal, Refuge guest ~ November 2013