Dinner with Nick & Christine Cain

When you get asked to take Nick and Christine Cain out for dinner while they are in town it is an awesome honor.  Christine was the speaker at Southland Christian Church recently and my wife Michelle was her personal assistant while she was in Lexington.  It was a gift to spend time with 2 people that are traveling the world and standing on stages proclaiming freedom through God's love.  Nick and Christine are a part of A21 which is a human trafficking organization that is fighting for the rights of victims around the world.  They are originally from Australia and are a part of the Hillsong Movement.  Christine told the crowd that even though she is a part of Hillsong don't ask her to sing "Shout to the Lord" because it may leave the crowd crying to the Lord.
As I reflected on my opportunity to spend 2 hours with them I saw 3 things that stood out to me.  The first is that they are fighting the fight side by side.  When a couple is unity for a cause there is power in that and a strength that an individual alone does not possess.  Secondly, I saw hearts sold out to God in every way.  They have been called by God and they have responded to that call to be His voice to His church.  Christine is small in stature but a powerhouse in the Spirit.  Third, the interest they took in what God is doing in Lexington showed me a level of personal interest that meant a lot to me.  They asked question after question and had a sincerity about them that revealed their genuineness.
It was a gift from God and I realized Jon Weece could have asked a hundred other people to spend time with the Cains but we got asked and I will treasure the experience forever.
Written by:  Ked Frank, Executive Director/Founder Refuge for Women