As a mom to young kids, a "Girls Night Out" sounds like a great idea.  Throw in Christmas music and yummy desserts - count me in!  And then, there's the fact that I get to work with the ladies this night benefits and it gets even better.  I walked in a little tired, and left feeling blessed and encouraged.  And re-focused on what this season is all about.  Frances brought me to tears (as always) as she read a sweet children's book.  "Oh Holy Night" sung by the trio performing gave me chills.  And Michelle Frank shed some new light on the familiar story in Luke 1.

Luke 1:45

"Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!"

Every Christmas season, you hear a lot about "believing".  "Do you believe in Santa?"  "Do you believe in the Christmas spirit?"  "Just believe and your dreams will come true."  But what about believing in THE promise?  In the One who came to save the world.  In the One who came to save us all.  Prostitutes and strippers.  Rich and poor.  Brown and pink skin.  Young and old.  Everyone.

The hashtag for the night was #webelieve.  And that is my prayer this Christmas season.  That every lady there that night would truly believe that the Lord will fulfill His promises to her.  Because he hears us.  He came for us.  And we are his Masterpiece because we are a piece of the Master.  

Christmas can be a hard time of year for some of us.  But we aren't alone.  Mary probably felt alone when she discovered she was a pregnant virgin.  And when she had to leave home and deliver her baby in a barn.  But blessed is she who has believed.  Because she delivered a promise.  And not just a promise for her, but a promise for us all!

Merry Christmas Friends!!
~ Jade, Refuge for Women - Administrative Assistant & Bookkeeper