Her Knight

Each year a local pregnancy center puts on an event entitled "Her Knight".  It is a daddy/daughter event that encourages the relationship between fathers and daughters.  I have had the privilege of taking my daughter now for 2 years in a row and have enjoyed it each time.  I cant say enough about the need for good fathers and the impact they have on their families and especially their daughters.  Well one of our young ladies in our program has a 4 year old daugther but a father that has been absent since her birth.  She asks about him often and is hurt that he is not in her life.  I wanted her to be able to go to this event and get her nails done and experience the opportunity to be a queen for the night.  I didnt want to take away from my daughters experience and so i knew i needed to find another man to step into the spot of being a father for the night to this 4 year old.  I thought of the perfect person.  I mentor an 18 year old guy that is a senior in high school.  I asked him what he was doing on this particular night and luckily he was available.   He showed up to my house with his dress clothes on and a bouquet of flowers for little tonya.  We all had such a great night together.  We were able to ride in a hummer limousine over to the event and experience a night just like any little girl should....feeling priceless. We need more men to continue filling in the gap for those men that are absent minded of their responsibilities as dads.  I was so proud of Zac for his willingness to give Tonya this experience during "Her Knight"