2014 Podcast Announcement

In 2014 my wife, Michelle, and I feel like God is calling us to be a louder voice on behalf of those that are in bondage and need to be free. We feel God is calling us to address issues regarding sexuality beyond providing safe houses for women to escape. Each week in 2014 there will be a podcast, video, or blog that is posted from either myself or Michelle. Beginning next week we will be recording podcasts that will be posted twice a month. The topics we will begin with will include childhood sexual abuse, sexual addiction, and homosexuality. We will bring in individuals in the Lexington area that will either share their own journey, talk from God's word, or just share their thoughts on the different topics. We are calling these podcasts "From My Perspective" and creating space for people to talk about subjects that desperately need addressed in our day. It is going to be a big year and we are going public more than in the past! We invite you to listen in with lots of interesting dialogue and track with us on what we are learning as a couple. Michelle and I are thrilled to be doing ministry side by side in a bigger way this year! Blessings, Ked Frank Director of Refuge for Women