Give A Little, Save A Life

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What It's All About My little girl is very generous.  She loves that we support a child in Africa through World Vision.  She loves getting gifts for her friends when its their birthday and giving it to them.  She always wants me to be generous with waitresses when we are out to eat and even tells me at times that i should leave a bigger tip for them.  She just loves to give.

She loves to give to Refuge for Women as well.  On many occasions i have given her allowance of three dollars and she will hand me back a dollar and say give this to the Refuge.  What eight year old thinks of that?  Each time that she hands me a dollar and says give this to the ministry one can only imagine what that does in a father's heart.  On one occasion she not only left a dollar for me to give to the ministry but wrote a note along with it.  Of course i took a picture of it and wanted to show off my daugther's generosity.

With a budget around three hundred thousand dollars it will take a lot of one dollar bills to meet the needs of caring for the individuals that we do each and every day.  One dollar does not go far in this economy in 2012.  However i have been told by many people that it is better to have a hundred small givers than it is to have one large donor.  It creates a foundation of stability in your organization to have lots of people involved and doing a little bit.  So when many people are giving a little bit of money the organization can thrive.

We are at a point in this ministry where we are needing more and more people to partner with us in helping rescue women out of the sex industry.  I told a woman last night that we had no more beds available and that she would be our first phone call when one opened up.  There is nothing worse than telling someone we dont have a spot for you when they are reaching out for help.

With this need in mind we decided that we are going to make an effort to recruit more monthly partners to reach more women.  We have organized a campaign called "Give a little Save a life".  We are recruiting 500 new donors to give online at 20.00 dollars each month.  This extra resource will allow us to expand and open up more beds to rescue more women.  Twenty dollars a month is not much but just like my daughters dollar bill that she gives me it is a start in helping accomplish the overal goal.

I am inviting you to prayerfully consider joining us.  We will update our website each day with new partners and we will together watch God recruit these 500 new donors through the month of May.