1 Day

One day doesn’t seem like a very long time to see much happen.  The older I get the faster I think days are going.  I have asked myself the question many times, "Where has the day gone?" as it's about time to pick up the kids from school already.  When my son started middle school recently I thought about where the time had gone as he was just playing T-Ball.

Even though days go quickly haven’t there been events that have happened in one day that impacted your life forever?  I think about the day that I got a phone call from my mom while I was in college telling me that one of my best friends had been killed in a car wreck.  I think about the day I got married and how life has never been the same.  I think about the day I accepted Christ at church and got baptized.  I was changed forever in just one day!

One day at Refuge for Women has a lot of activity that goes into it as well.  Guests will begin their day in the family room in the Word of God and fellowship with one another.  They will share their victories and struggles amongst each other while resolving differences in love.  In one day, a class will be attended by each guest and one more day of sobriety will be accomplished.  Counseling will happen along with daily processing with staff members.  Case management will be done as resources are identified to help meet each guest's needs.  A guest will accept Christ for the first time while another guest forgives a perpetrator.   One guest may still be getting acclimated to life on a farm while another guest deals with the anxieties of leaving the farm and preparing for transitional living.  One guest is preparing dinner while another guest is taking care of chores.  One guest is off to see a medical doctor for the first time in years while another guest take a long walk to reflect on a truth learned earlier in the day.  A lot is happening in one day at Refuge for Women.

This month, we are starting a campaign to support 1 Day. We are giving each family an opportunity to sponsor 1 day for one guest at Refuge for Women.  With all of the activities and physical needs that are met at Refuge for Women along with providing the safe place and staffing needs we are able to do this for $100 a day per guest.  We are asking you to consider in the month of March making a donation to sponsor 1 Day. Just $100 can change 1 Day for a one woman and that can change her life forever.

To make a one time donation of $100 and support a guest at Refuge for Women for 1 Day, please click here.

Ked Frank