Run for a Reason Runner Profile - Jennifer Hurst

One of the exciting things happening at Refuge for Women this year is our Run for a Reason initiative that partners us with runners of all skill levels to raise funds.  From time to time, we hope to spotlight one of our Team Refuge runners. We'll tell you a little bit of their story and why they are running. Today is our first spotlight, Jennifer Hurst.

Hello my name is Jennifer Hurst.  I'm not a runner, actually I can't stand running, but I have been praying for God to place something else in my path lately and running is what God has placed on my heart.

My husband and I have been trying to have a second child for over 5 years now.    It has been a very difficult road and we continue to pray for God's best for our family, wether that be through natural birth or adoption.   Back in August, my husband and I had the privilege of meeting one of the wonderful women from the Refuge who was making the most selfless act of love, and giving up her child for adoption.   Although in the end she did not pick our family to bond us together with a child forever, we still continue to pray for her daily and the sweet precious gift that God was able to give to another family.

I can't lie and say that that wasn't hard either, but we know that it is in Gods timing and plan that we will be able to have our forever family.    As I continue to struggle with infertility and trying to understand the why's I started to ask God to give me something else to take my mind off of it.   I did this three years ago as well and He said, “RUN”, and I said, “NO”!   Although I did run a half marathon that year, I never really ran again.   I am a big “signs” person, so after praying I tend to be more aware of my surroundings looking for the signs to appear.    This has happened so many times before in my Christian walk so why not this time?

Well, one night I was not able to sleep and was reading the book Hannah's Hope,  and I started praying, “God I need your help again.  Get my mind off of this and help me be ok with where I am right now”!   He immediately answered “RUN”, and I said, “NO”!     Of course that wasn’t a BIG enough sign for me!     The very next day I spoke to a friend who is my accountability partner for weight loss and we started talking about joining a gym, talking Zumba classes, boxing classes, etc.   We were "going to town" with a lot of talk.   A day later, we both asked,  "What about running the Derby half marathon?"  I laughed because of the prayer I had said a couple nights before.   Then that evening I saw the post on Facebook from Refuge for Women that asked for people to Run for a Reason!   I once again laughed and thought, "If this isn't a big enough sign of what I have been praying for I don't know what is!"

So although I can't stand running I am thrilled and honored to RUN FOR A REASON.   Obedience isn’t always easy but it is what God has called us to do.   So, once again I am running (well, probably jogging) because that is what He has asked me to do.    As I train and run my race, my thoughts and prayers will go out to the wonderful lady we met from the Refuge as well as my struggles and I will come out on top.    We will continue to have JOY in the waiting for our forever family.

Thank you so much for your time and your assistance and support in helping me be obedient!   I pray rich blessing on you and the Refuge for Women.

Refuge for Women is cheering Jennifer on in her training! Jennifer, thank you for your obedience to God's calling and thank you for your support for Refuge for Women. To read more about Run for a Reason, click here.