Faces for Hope


Shelby King is a Junior at Lexington Catholic High School. She founded the group, Faces for Hope, an art project that will be donating pieces to the silent auction at this year's annual Gala. Over 20 students have participated in creating art that will be for sale at this event.

The Faces for Hope project stemmed from my love for art, especially faces, and my desire to make a difference in my community.

As a Lexington Catholic student, I am required to donate service hours to meaningful projects and, in prior years, I helped at homeless shelters, I gathered books and canned goods, but, after talking to Cindy Warr, I realized I could impact specific underprivileged and abused women in my local community and see their glorious transformation.

When creating the art for Faces for Hope, my inspiration comes from the successes of the powerful women who have graduated from this life-changing organization and all the strength, endurance, and courage they exemplified throughout their hardships. Also, unexpected inspiration came from my fellow artists. Their hard work, commitment and dedication to the project has really made me proud to be a part of this community. So many people want to help, they just don't know how, they like being shown a way to give back and express themselves and share their talents at the same time.

My intangible goals for the project are to raise awareness about the women who are coming out of the sex industry and to bring an end to this type of exploitation. I also foresee that the money Faces for Hope generates will be used to greatly better the lives of the women and help them on their journey to recovery. Lastly, I hope that this project is a success and that the Faces auction becomes an annual fundraising event so that the community has a channel for helping the women in these terrible situations. Refuge for Women provides a safe harbor, an alternative lifestyle, and the hope for a better life... everyone should know what they are doing so they can continue to help, contribute and volunteer in whatever ways they feel led.


Thank you, Shelby, for using your gifts to make a difference! For more information on Faces for Hope, "Like" them on Facebook. 

This year's Gala will be held on April 17 at The Grand Reserve. For more information or to register click here.