Refuge Welcomes Job Prep Team!

The much-awaited time is drawing near and our third house in Central Kentucky will be opening its doors soon! Our Phase Two Team is already preparing the way for our guests to be empowered to live a life they love! Phase Two is all about supplying our guests with the practical tools they need to live an abundant life in Christ! Topics like budgeting and personal finance, interviewing skills, nutrition and wellness planning, purity, and career counseling will all be hit on in Phase Two. Our guests have dreams they have long since given up on- and in Phase Two we will be making those dreams our goals!

Carrie Miller, MA, is our Phase Two Program Director. God gave her a vision several years ago about a house encompassing many guests, with mentors and counselors loving on women. When she visited the Refuge farm for the first time over a year ago, she knew this was what the Lord had shown her. She is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor, and ordained minister, and a Recovery Dynamics certified trainer. She and her husband, Chad, have been married fourteen years and love hanging out with their two sons on the family farm they live on in Harrison County.

Debbie Lutes has been a resident of Harrison County her whole life. She has followed Christ for over thirty years and knew she was called to serve at the Refuge shortly after meeting Cindy Warr, our Development Director. As she listened to Cindy share about the struggles our women were facing, she felt God speaking to her heart, telling her she was saved by grace and needed to share her love with other women! Debbie has deep roots in the area and is well respected by all who have been touched by her service to God and others.

Emily Prather was happily living her life in Somerset, Kentucky when the Lord called her to step out in faith. She relocated to the Georgetown area and found a great value on a place to live in Cynthiana. She stopped at Crossroads Church one Sunday morning and they spoke on the deep need for servants of Christ to help women coming out of the sex industry. They said they had partnered with the Refuge for Women, located in Cynthiana, and immediately Emily knew her mission! Emily has her undergrad degree in Counseling and Human Services from Lindsey Wilson University and is on fire for what the Refuge is doing to help the hopeless!

Team Refuge is growing which means our capacity to help hurting women is growing as well. With Three Phases in the Program, we feel we have never been in a better place to be effective in our services. As we grow, my prayer remains that we never forget we were all once slaves to sin, just as others are today. We were saved because of the love and kindness of God, not because we were good enough. Because of the freedom we have been given through Christ, we pray the abundant overflow of agape love keeps us fighting for the captives!

-Carrie Miller, MA Program Director (Phase Two)