Compelled to Move...

We recently had the opportunity to share our ministry with a church in Georgetown, KY, where we met a family of six with four children ranging from age two to eleven. The husband and wife are missionaries who had been called to spend the last seven years with “International Missions” evangelizing in the Czech Republic. They were back in the U.S. temporarily waiting for their visas so they can go to their next calling: Naples, Italy. I noticed the wife was deeply touched and in tears as she listened to us share and two of our resident give testimonies about their lives before Refuge for Women. I knew there was a story behind the tears. It was later that I would learn this mother and Godly servant had also experienced childhood abuse and knew that it is only by the grace of God she is where she is. She could personally relate with our residents’ stories and their pain. She told me that she knew that she too could have wound up “just surviving” and falling victim to the sex industry, just as our Refuge guests had done. This moved me to my core because it struck at the heart of our message that day.

Our message that day was that each of us has the ability to do great things, and we shared our new campaign: “Give a little, save a life,” whereby we are praying that 500 people will step forward and commit to saving a life by making an online donation of $20 each month. Twenty dollars can buy you less than six lattes at Starbucks or it can give a woman a stepping stone out of a life of abuse and exploitation and into a life of hope and dignity. What may seem like so little a donation can actually do so much for a women being served by Refuge for Women. Of course we hoped that our message would awaken a calling in those we met that day but we had no idea how much our message would move the younger generation.

Days later, the woman I met at the church called me and shared with me that her 11-year-old daughter had been so touched by our ministry’s message and heard our cry for help as we shared how God is leading us to open a second Refuge house. She had been saving her money for an “American Girl” doll and had $100 but she decided that she would rather donate to our ministry to help get women out of the sex industry and into a second Refuge house. This young lady gets the message and she is only 11-years-old!

It is not a coincidence that this precious family spent a day with Refuge for Women guests sharing and loving on the women before they left for Naples, Italy. This family of six reaches out to prostitutes, the homeless and the lowly ones that no one else wants to bother with in other countries and just loves on them. They are being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to everyone and teaching their children by setting the example! Praying that God will use them in a mighty way in Naples!

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