The Broken Heart Pick

This past weekend we had an opportunity to share at a church service in Cynthiana, Kentucky. This church -- although a small congregation -- had a huge heart compared to many other churches. There was an outpouring of love, tears and hugs after we shared about the Refuge for Women’s vision and mission, the dark world of the sex industry and its effects on women and young girls. Debbie, a guest of the Refuge, shared her testimony -- a story filled with pain, abuse, disappointment, addictions and brokenness prior to coming to the Refuge. God has done some amazing things in her life over the six months she’s been in the program. She is a new mom, has a new job and has a new beginning at the abundant life God wants for her and all his daughters!

At the end, a man who played guitar for the church’s praise and worship team came up to Debbie and I with tears in his eyes. He said, “Thank you for sharing your story with us today. I can’t imagine how hard your life has been. I have two daughters and I want you to have this guitar pick. It’s called the ‘Broken Heart Pick’ and I have owned it for most of my life, they no longer make them. I want you to have it.” He said it’s worn down and been with him for many years, but he wants the Refuge for Women ministry to have it now. A symbol of a broken heart, but moreover, “a symbol of how God heals the broken hearted and make us brand new”!